Luisa Pelosio inherited the family business founded by Pia Osti in 1920, and today represents its creative soul. She attended the Art College and at the same time took night classes of interior design at the Civic Applied Arts School of the Sforzesco Castle. Later she signs up at the Brera Fine Arts Academy, where she graduated with a diploma in scenography in 1989.

"From a small age I have always been fascinated by my grandfather's works: together with him I admired the lab's embroidery, the colours and the variety of the materials used.

I remember the atelier space completely taken by shelves full of small boxes that contained the materials divided by style and colour.

When possible, I would go into that room.

I would read the words on the boxes that seemed magic to me: "sequin, jet, rhinestone, lochrosen,…", I would open them, curious, looking at the variety of the materials that I found inside, I would fantasize about the possible designs for the sumptuous clothes, magically embroidered and prepared for the characters of my fable.

Still today, when I design an embroidery, I think about it as a stage costume, whose characters today belong to reality, but just like then, I invent fables for them with different stories for each collection.

To create an embroidery collection you choose a theme, which is then developed through the iconographic research, the research of the materials, the colours to choose, the techniques to use, then you start designing little by little and the idea takes shape in a design and gradually the embroidery comes to life.

So behind and inside each design there is always a story, where dreams take shape and materialize."

Luisa Pelosio