About Us

Osti Ricami was founded in 1920 by Pia Osti.

The lab is called 'Ricami d'Alta Moda' ("High Fashion Embroidery") with the first office in Milan, in Via Paolo da Cannobio, 37.

Pia graduated from the Brera Fine Arts Academy, winning, among other things, the first place in her class with a painting that you can up to this day admire at Osti Ricami Alta Moda atelier in Milan, in Via Vigoni 7 and that is a testimony to Pia's exceptional skills.

Apart from being an extraordinary artist, Pia is a modern and progressive woman for her times, and she is always projected into the future.

In 1927 she bought a Fiat 509, which she personally drove, also to go to Paris for work.

During these years, the fast growing activity demanded a bigger space for the atelier, which was re-located in Corso Monforte 41, just a few steps away from San Babila square.

There were about forty women who work together with Pia Osti at the lab that produced embroidery as well as tailor made clothes designed by Pia.

Pia Osti prematurely passed away and after the end of the World War, happened in the meantime, Pia's brother Ernesto took over the business.

Under Ernesto the embroidery business flourished. The stylist renamed the atelier 'Osti Ricami Alta Moda' ("Osti High Fashion Embroidery").

Ernesto was not only a skilful designer, -he also graduated from the Brera Fine Arts Academy- but was also a highly educated and attractive man, who loved beautiful things and collected pieces of art. His passion for beauty and uniqueness is reflected in his work.

Up to this day the archives of Osti Ricami Alta Moda preserve the precious samples made by Ernesto.

We also should not forget the commitment, dedication, and workmanship of the embroidery women that made these true works of art possible.

This unique heritage of skills and creativity passes to Ernesto's niece Luisa, who today is in charge of the family business and who designs the collections with the same talent, craftsmanship and love for perfection.